Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cash Rules Every Thing Around Me

So the camera has returned and we are ready to hit the streets of Toledo to find the best food and drink in town.  Watch for reviews of La Scolla, Degagé and Vino 100 in the next few weeks, or, if you have recommendations, please post them and we will definitely check them out.  But before we can do anything, we gots to get paid.

Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What more can I Say, Lost Camera!

So we had hoped to be the Audio Two of blogging, top billin' (God, that's an old reference), but alas our camera has been lost for almost three weeks now.  We hope to be back in the dining room soon, providing reviews, pics and humor of the local restaurant scene very, very soon.  Until then, check out restaurant.com for deals on area restaurants!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Set a Drift on our Memories of Blissfield for You

Despite our claim to be eating all things Toledo, our first critique lands us about 30 minutes North, in Blissfield, Michigan.  Located in an old carriage house, the Main Street Stable and Tavern boasts a pretty eclectic menu. From its pan-Asian Shrimp Toast appetizer to its Michigan-centric Cherry Chicken, the menu has enough diversity to be featured at your employer's next "Let's all get along" seminar. And to boot, the Tavern features an excellent array of beers, both draft and bottled, and wines featuring both the local pour (J. Trees and Fenn Valley just to name a few) and some Californian, Italian and French by the glass.
We arrived at approximately 6:30 or so and bellied up to the bar to have a few sips before our friends, who had recommended the Stable, arrived. My companion downed two amazing Bloody Marys (complete with pickles and olives), while I felt like a prince sipping on a Short's Huma Lupa Licious from Bellaire, MI. Afterward, the affable and attentive bartender delivered two Duvels along with their own glasses to allow the the release of the aromatics of one of the world's finest beers.

Chatting amongst ourselves and scanning the surroundings,  we snacked on some House Potato Chips served with what is billed as Grandma Wernert's spicy ketchup. The catsup, as the educated say according to Arthur Spooner, had an overwhelming barbecue flavor, more sweet than spicy, but the chips were fantastic: light, crisp and great potato flavor.

After our friends arrived, we headed out to the patio and placed our order with Stemily, an excellent and very forgiving server.  The al fresco dining was comforting and invting, like going to your Grandma's friend's backyard- you know, the one who is in the garden club and has a large hat and rainboots that seem to be permanently on her feet. The air seems sweeter in Blissfield.

Our appetizer arrived shortly after ordering, and the four of us dove into the Dip Trio.  The hummus was flavorful and was accentuated by the crisp pita chips, whereas the smoked whitefiish dip tasted of processed, frozen fish and the cheddar-jalapeño dip lacked originality.  A Dip Uno option would be nice.

Having filled our duodena with dips and Duvels, the two of us decided to split the entrée:  the Chile Braised Beef Brisket.  Our mouths watered as Stemily dropped off two plates with our entrée split (kudos to you for that!).  The electric green Salsa Verde was on the side, while our veggies and rice sat awaiting for us to take the first bite. Unfortunately, the beef's promised spices under-delivered, most likely due to over cooking, and the side sauce, which was tasty, was necessary to help give the problem child of a main course a more sunny disposition.  The asparagus and rice both delighted and brought flavorful,bites that were cooked to perfection.  Despite the the done-ness of the beef, both of our plates were cleaned by the meal's end.

After dinner, we engaged in banter and badinage with our friends, and declined dessert.  The random farm cat next door also came and joined our party, while the evening sun melted into the night sky.  Overall, we would definitely give the Stable another go-around.

Atmosphere/Decor: We Got Served!
Service: We Got Served!
Food Menu:  We Got Served!
Beverage Menu: We Got Served!
Appetizers: 50/50 Cent
Main Course: You Got Served!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We don't think you're ready for this jelly...

Our TV only has two channels: Bravo and Food Network.  Sure there are others that occasionally filter in: Fox when Gordon Ramsey's collection of donkeys are making John Dory or ABC when Naked Chef Jamie Oliver is trying to thin up fat rural Americans (or Saved by the Bell on TBS in the mornings for a guilty pleasure), but we truly only know two things, style and food.

So just a few days ago, as we flipped between our two stations, we came across the Couples Battle on 24 Hour Restaurant.  Being the gastronomes that we are, we were loving "...& Jelly"'s concept from the back of the house to the purple and red front, and Ooooing and Ahhhing at "Over the Moon"'s meatloaf cupcakes and their Grandma's house decor.  Maybe it was the seven bottles of Gazela that lay strewn about on our lime green shag rug manipulating our brains or just a sense of we-need-to-do-something-moreness, but it was decided we would start a food blog.

So, with our palates that have toured the world and our unmatched sense of style, the two of us head out our door in search of great food in... wait for it... Toledo, Ohio (or wherever we may travel on any given day).  So come along, read up, and just know that we don't think you are ready for this jelly, because our blog is too foodilicious for ya babe!